30 September 2016

EMMA Smart, fit and efficient

Regas is pleased to announce the launch of EMMA Smart.

EMMA Smart is the latest one in the EMMA product range. It’s the patented technology from Regas that allows you to make the gas preheating process in pressure regulating stations extremely efficient.

EMMA Smart itself collects the essential features of the other EMMA products, ensuring an extremely short payback time.

EMMA Smart can be installed in existing stations and usually doesn’t require any prior activities of station upgrading. You install during one single day and, by the time it is turned on, allows an average 34% reduction in natural gas consumption.

So, EMMA Smart reduces operating costs and contribute to reducing emissions.

Some key figures:

  • The EMMA installed to date have resulted in a saving of more than 2.3 million cubic meters of gas for fees 4.6 million kg CO2 do
  • The average time of EMMA payback is two years from installation

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