19 December 2018

Ingrid Low Emission

The constant innovation of our products is a key element of Regas business culture. For this reason, we have developed and installed a new version of our odorant injection system Ingrid for an important gas distribution customer; it is a low-emission version, which brings significant advantages as regards the environmental impact. In fact, this technology allows to reduce the methane emissions in the atmosphere up to 95%.

How does this “green” injection system work?

Unlike the traditional systems, which are provided with a pressurized tank, the green version of Ingrid is equipped with a non-pressurised tank that makes it possible to achieve significant time savings during the phases of depressurization and odorant transfer, besides the advantages in terms of emissions that we have already mentioned. The system is integrated with a diaphragm pump, which allows to generate a greater pressure in comparison to the pump of the traditional Ingrid system, and is necessary precisely because of the depressurized tank. In fact, the system needs a greater boost in order to inject odorant in the network, as a consequence of the low pressure of the tank (only a few millibars).

It is a further progress for Regas technology – leader in Italy in the odorant injection systems market with more than 1500 installations – that underlines our attention to the environment and our intention to become more and more “green”.











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