16 November 2018

International Students’ Day

The origin and the meaning of this day

Tomorrow, Saturday 17th November, is International Student’s Day. This date is related to a double anniversary: the death of 9 Czech students and professors, who were opponents of the Nazi regime and were executed without a trial in 1939, and the severe repression of a student uprising at the University of Athens in 1973. Thus, this day has its roots in the past but it keeps turning our attention to the theme of the right to education nowadays.


The importance of education and training for Regas

Regas believes strongly in education and training, which become two essential values of our company culture. The search for talents to hire often starts from the main vocational schools and universities, which we keep constantly in touch with. Moreover, a continuous internal and external training is planned for our employees. We propose courses and activities that allow them to improve present skills and to acquire new ones. In order to consider the learning process an essential element for success, it must be continuous.


Regas projects for students and recent graduates

On the occasion of International Students’ Day, Regas wants to remind some projects for students and recent graduates:

  • INTERNSHIPS -> We give young people who are still completing their studies the chance to get some work experience in a dynamic context. Stages and internships allow you to practice while completing your studies.
  • THESIS PROJECTS -> if you are completing your university studies and are about to graduate, we have projects for you, too: Regas gives you the chance to select a topic that regards our business and write a thesis about it. We will support you and train you during this step.
  • GRADUATES AND PhD -> Our policies promote young people and their professional growth in the company. Find out our career opportunities in the section “Careers” of our website.


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