18 October 2018

It’s time for…. MAINTENANCE!

Why is it useful to schedule a maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is essential to guarantee the plant efficiency in the medium and long term. Planning centralized maintenance activities at recurring intervals leads to several benefits. It:

  • Confirms that the system works correctly
  • Makes it possible to react promptly and to replace damaged or worn components
  • Guarantees the continuity of your business
  • Reduces OPEX

Many people think that a maintenance plan leads to an increase in OPEX. This kind of activity actually represents a cost in the short term, but a prompt action allows to avoid higher costs in the future, as well as damages due to the business interruption.

Regas competitive maintenance services cover the whole range of products. Our strengths are the presence in the territory and the experience of our highly trained staff, able to handle the most diverse needs.

What do we offer?

Our maintenance services incude:

  • Inspections: simple activities, which are typically done in the first year. These activities can be performed directly by our customers, trained and supported by our team.
  • Functional checks: similar to the inspections, but more detailed. They can be done both before the intermediate maintenance and in the next years.
  • Intermediate scheduled maintenance: it integrates inspections and functional checks.
  • Complete scheduled maintenance: it consists in a complete check and substitution of the main components.

Contact us to get more information about our maintenance activities. We will plan together your maintenance, taking into account all your needs!


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