29 November 2016

Signed agreement with Wigersma & Sikkema, manufacturer of PLEXOR system

Regas Srl is proud to announce a new partnership with the Dutch company Wigersma & Sikkema.

Wigersma & Sikkema is active since the 1920’s in the technical field and has a product portfolio specialized in the natural gas control business, including data loggers, volume converters, pressure regulators and a unique system to carry out inspection of gas pressure regulating stations, named PLEXOR.

PLEXOR is a portable, easy-to-operate unparalleled device which allows the gas companies to ensure a higher degree of safety, efficiency and reporting when working on any gas control systems – city-gates, DRS, MRS and even service regulators.

It sets a new standard to inspect these plants and is equipped with special software suite enabling paperless, man-independent and error-free mastering of the process.

We’ll soon be online with a dedicated area of our website. For any technical information, please visit PLEXOR website .

Also see the video about PLEXOR working principle.

…and contact us for a live demo and a presentation of the product!

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