31 October 2018

Women at Regas

According to Eurostat data (source: Quotidiano Energia 09/24), the share of women employed in the energy sector is still very low. A comparison with the main EU countries underlines that in Italy there is still a long way to go: only 17,2% of female employment in the Energy & Utilities sector, rising to 24,8% for the specific Gas & Electricity sector.

At Regas, our current share of women in the company is 25%: a great achievement, which is above the general average of the energy sector and aligned with our specific business average.

In particular, we’ve had a marked increase in last few years. The share of women was 7% in 2014, then 10% in 2016, and now is 25%.

This increase is the consequence of a gender equality policy we strongly believe in. In fact, equal treatment is an essential value for us, which results in career opportunities and rewarding regardless of gender and other factors.

Diversity at Regas is a strength, a stimulus for new ideas, and is necessary for confrontation.

Our purpose is to further improve our share of women in the company and to make our contribution to the increase of women presence in the energy sector.

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