advanced inspection system
for pressure regulating


Regas is the Italian exclusive distributor for PLEXOR, a system by Wigersma & Sikkema for the inspection of pressure regulating stations.

The system consists of 3 main elements:

  • System couplings, to be installed at different points of the pressure regulating station. They allow the connection with the test device. Each coupling is different from the others, so the possibility to make mistakes during the inspection activity shall be zero.


  • A portable and easy to operate test device. Connected with the system couplings through special flexible stainless steel hoses, it allows the inspection of all the main equipment of the station. It boasts a Bluetooth interface thanks to which it can transmit data and receive instructions directly from laptop, tablet or smartphone.


  • A complete software suite, which can be integrated into third parties management systems (SAP, Maximo, …). Thanks to the very intuitive interface and to the high compatibility, the system is suited to highly specialized organizations, too. The software suite consists of 3 elements:
    • INSPECTOR, for use by technicians during the operational activities
    • MANAGER, which provides lists and instructions for procedures
    • DIAGNOSTICS, for the analysis of the collected data.



Data are concentrated and stored automatically by the device, instead of being written manually. This leads to a significant reduction of errors, which may easily occur when data are recorded through traditional methods.



  • More safety
  • Paperless
  • Maximum operational efficiency
  • Reduction of the risk of human error
  • Minimal training required
  • Traceability and analysis of data
  • Process time reduction
  • Allows the activation of “on condition” maintenance


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