5 septembre 2019

Call for Abstract IGRC 2020

Regas, as the official Italian member of IGU – International Gas Union, invites you to actively participate in the 2020 International Gas Research Conference (IGRC2020) call for abstracts to be held in Muscat, Oman.

The International Gas Union (IGU) conference is scheduled for next February 24-26th, 2020. If you are interested in being considered as a presenter, new deadline for papers is September 15, 2019.

Main topics for the conference are Gas Pipelines & Distribution, Gas Supply, Gas Utilization (Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Mobility), Environment & Sustainability and Cross-cutting research areas.

We trust the Italian delegation will send numerous papers and best represents the solid tradition of our country and the know-how accumulated in the entire natural gas supply chain over the decades. In case of doubt, question or assistance with the drafting of the abstract, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at .

We look forward to providing you with all the support you may need.

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